20 Dezember 2015

Christmas gift from my dear friends Part II

And again has arrived beautiful Christmas surprises

From Elly (http://www.ellypirally.blogspot.de/) I got this wonderful "card". The "card" is to unfold and looks like a book. Isn`t that fantastically well designed? I'm so happy. Thank you, dear Elly.

The second card has made Marion (http://zirpeline.blogspot.de/) for me. Marion has used a very high-quality paper with a gloss effect and the dies and punches are just cool. Thank you, dear Marion. That looks great!

And finally I want to show you this card from my blog friend Renate (http://renateskreativewelt.blogspot.de/). The idea of the "clothesline" from stars I find fantastic. Thank you, dear Renate. I've been very happy about it.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Hi Martina, love your cards. They are both gorgeous but the best thing is they are easy to construct which is just what you need with Christmas cards the difficult thing is coming up with the idea and that's the sign of a great designer which these two obviously are.
    Merry Christmas, Angela x