29 November 2015

Christmas gifts from my dear friends

The first Christmas gifts have already arrived: My dear friend Dorthe (http://denlillelade.blogspot.de/) sent me this wonderful card, the small folded angel and a fantastic angel made of paper. Aren`t they amazing
Thank you my dear friend. You just made my day and I will hold your gifts in honor, as I always do. Love, love, love this :-)

The second package that I received, is from my dear friend Lynne (https://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/). Lynne has made a beautiful card for me and a small canvas with the inscription "PEACE". This word has also an important meaning in the current political situation. Thank you, my dear friend. Your artwort is stunning. You've made me happy and I will always think of you, when I see this.

20 November 2015

Advent calendar with LaBlance Designpaper-Set "Santa Claus"

You're never too old for an Advent calendar :-)  
For this project I have used the great Designpaper-Set "Santa Claus" of Lablance (http://www.lablanche-shop.de/shop/). Blance used the decoupage paper on her Blog (http://www.lablanche.eu/blog/) but it also works with the Design Paper.
Man ist nie zu alt für einen Adventskalender :-) 
Für diesen Adventskalender habe ich das tolle Designpapier-Set "Santa Claus" von Lablance (http://www.lablanche-shop.de/shop/) verwendet. Blance verwendete auf ihrem Blog (http://www.lablanche.eu/blog/) zwar das Decoupage-Papier aber es funktioniert auch mit dem Designpapier. 


15 November 2015

Decoart Transfer Medium / Shabby Chic Umbrella Stand

Today I have designed another project with Decoart transfer medium. This umbrella stand I altered to Shabby Chic Style. You like it?
Heute habe ich ein weiteres Projekt mit Decoart Transfer Medium gestaltet. Diesen Schirmständer habe ich auf Shabby Chic Stil umgestaltet. Gefällt er Euch?

02 November 2015

Decoart Transfer Medium à la LaBlance

Last weekend I was at home and had rested from the stressful days before. For a long time on my to-do list was a project with the Decoart Transfer Medium according to a video of LaBlance. This is the result!
Letztes Wochenende war ich Zuhause und habe mich von den stressigen Tagen davor ausgeruht. Schon seit langer Zeit stand auf meiner To-Do-Liste ein Projekt mit dem Decoart Transfer Medium nach einem Video von LaBlance. Das ist das Ergebnis!