29 Juni 2010

Post von Rosie

Das Highlight des Tages war: Rosie http://rosieskleinebastelwelt.blogspot.com/ hat mir eine wunderschöne Überraschung geschickt. Dieses wahnsinnstolle Eulen-Tag, dass ich vor kurzer Zeit auf Rosie`s Blog angeschmachtet und bewundert habe und eine sagenhafte Steampunk-Karte! Danke, danke, danke liebe Rosie! Ich bin komplett durch den Wind!

27 Juni 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - "INDIA"

Bei Sunday Postcard Art lautet das Thema diese Woche


Hier mein Beitrag!

24 Juni 2010

Post von Lynn

I`m so lucky! The mailman brought a wonderful gift that came from my generous blogging friend, Lynn (http://trashtotreasureart.blogspot.com/). A gorgeous Steampunk ATC and wonderful punching pieces!!! Lynn knows that I have a great passion for Steampunk. Just like her! Thank you, dear Lynn! I`m over the moon with hapiness and I will keep the gifts in honor forever.

Post von Mandy

Today arrived two beautiful and gorgeous cards from MANDY (http://mandysmagicalworldofart.blogspot.com/) and

Thank you very much, dear Mandy. You made my day!!!!

19 Juni 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - Sea Voyages

Bei Sunday Postcard Art lautet das Thema dieses Mal


Ich habe gleich zwei Varianten gemacht und konnte mich mal wieder nicht entscheiden, welche Karte ich ins Netz stelle. So habe ich kurzum beide eingestellt.

16 Juni 2010


Ach, ist das schön, wenn im Garten wieder alles blüht!

Mit diesen Fotos möchte ich Euch ein paar Eindrücke von meinem Garten zeigen.

Schaut doch mal!

It`s so nice when everything blooms in the garden again!

With these photos I show you a few impressions from my garden.

Please check it out!

13 Juni 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - "Roses"

Bei Sunday Postcard Art lautet das Thema diese Woche


Hier meine Karte !

12 Juni 2010


Today I received an wonderful surprise:

My blogfriend Jackie at http://jestercrafts.blogspot.com gave me a Beautiful Blogger Award.

The idea is that I tell you ten things about myself that you don't know and pass the award on to 10 blogs I admire.

I have chosen 14 dear blog friends:

ASTRID http://astridsartisticefforts.blogspot.com/

LOVEY http://fabricphotomemories.blogspot.com/

SUSI http://froebelsternchen.blogspot.com/

PALMA http://athena-myfirstbloggy.blogspot.com/

KATRIN http://kreativkram.wordpress.com/

LINDA http://liveartnow.blogspot.com/

PATTY http://bitze.wordpress.com/

ROSIE http://rosieskleinebastelwelt.blogspot.com/

CHRISS http://chriss-rollins.blogspot.com/

LYNN http://trashtotreasureart.blogspot.com/

VIOLA http://saray-viola.blogspot.com/

LAURA http://creativewhispers7.blogspot.com/

ULI http://holzverrueckt.blogspot.com/

DEBORAH http://rustycage11.blogspot.com/

(This is just a small selection of blogs that I love. There are of course many other dear blog friends ....)

And here the 10 things about myself:

1.) I was born in Stuttgart and have lived since I was born in this city. I do not want to stay somewhere different.

2.) My (almost) 13-year-old daughter is my greatest treasure.

3.) If I were king of Germany, I would dismiss all politicians :-)

4.) I`m dying for peanut butter! SADLY :-)

5.) I would like to go somewhere with Bruce Willis :-)

6.) I hate imposters and nouveau riches

7.) If I win the lottery, I would buy a finca in Mallorca

8.) I am sad that I have currently not much free time for crafting and blogging.

9.) I get nausea from fried liver. Ugh!!!!!!!

10.) At some point I`ll make a big party and invite all my blog friends from all over the world :-)