30 Januar 2016

Birthday Gifts from my dear friends

This wonderful hanger with the beautiful Paper Clay Doll Face and this fantastically card is from my dear friend Dorthe (http://denlillelade.blogspot.de/). Thank you so much, my dear. I love you and your stunning art.

This fantastic Steampunk works I got from my dear friend Rosie (http://rosieskleinebastelwelt.blogspot.de/). The stunning Shadow Box, the card and the gorgeous tag is right up my alley. Thank you my dear. You've made my day.

This beautifully created card is from my dear friend Alexandra (http://xelasart.blogspot.de/).
I love how it's colored. Thank you very much my friend. You've done me a great pleasure.

And this wonderful card and the magical necklace with pendant I got from my dear and faithful friend Lynne (https://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/). That looks really divine. I love the Lynne Perrella stamps. Thank you very much my friend. You've made me really happy.


From my dear blogfriend Elly (http://www.ellypirally.blogspot.de/) I received this great card. It is made with LaBlance accessories. I love this! Thank you, dear Elly. I'll hold your card in honor.

 ... and from my dear former Forum colleague and longtime blogfriend Renate (http://renateskreativewelt.blogspot.de/) I got this beautiful stamped card and hand-knitted gloves. I am very pleased! Thank you so much, my friend.

20 Januar 2016

Deco Art Transfer Medium Shabby Chic

My dear colleague has a new vanity table. On this occasion I made her this brush retention container and a tin. I have used the brilliant transfer paper of LaBlance and crackle paint.
Meine liebe Kollegin hat eine neue Schmink-Kommode. Zu diesem Anlass habe ich ihr dieses Pinsel-Aufbewahrungs-Gefäß und eine Blechdose gemacht. Verwendet habe ich das geniale Transfer Papier von LaBlance und Krakelierlack.