31 Januar 2014

My birthday gifts

Today I want to present my birthday presents that I got from dear blog friends.
First, a beautiful ATC Booklet and a terrific Steampunk card from dear Manuela (http://vintagesavonette.blogspot.de/). Isn`t that wonderful? Thank you, dear Manu! The two creations are so beautiful.

Then I got a very magical card and this memory frame from my dear blog friend Lynne (http://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/). Both pieces of art are exquisitely crafted. Thank you, dear Lynne! You've given me a great pleasure!

The third gift is from my dear blog friend Dorthe (http://denlillelade.blogspot.de/). A sweet bird nested on top of a homemade paper-pot, decorated with papers, fabrics, handmade flower and a little rusted wire! And a very fantastic card and many, many embellishments and accessories. Thank you, my dear Dorthe. You have made me happy.

The fourth gift is from my blog friend Alexandra (http://xelasart.blogspot.de/). A beautiful notebook, notecards, a most delightful fabric card, vintage buttons and a large bag with lace ribbon. Thank you, dear Alexandra. You have made my day :-)

From dear Rosie (http://rosieskleinebastelwelt.blogspot.de/) I got this terrific Steampunk Chunky ATC, the card with the Steampunk heels and this tag. Rosie, with this divine art works you have done me a great pleasure. Thank you so much!

My forum friend Renate (http://renateskreativewelt.blogspot.de/) gave me these beautiful knitted fingerless gloves. And then I got this delicately detailed postcard. Thank you, dear Renate! I was very happy about it. 

My forum friend Margot (http://www.stampcorner.blogspot.de/) made ​​me this gorgeous card. Thank you, dear Margot. The card is so beautiful!

And my forum friend Marion (http://zirpeline.blogspot.de/) sent me this magical tag.  
Isn`t that sweet? Thank you, dear Marion. You have made ​​my day.

...and from my work colleagues I got this collage. It includes a coupon for the new Tim Holtz products that have appeared on the CHA. I was totally surprised about this fantastic gift.

and .... my daughter Alicia gave me this interesting book "Rust & Patina". Thank you, darling! This is exactly the right gift for me.


Giveaway / 5 year blog anniversary => Ends: Today !!!!

 Hello my dear blogging friends!

Thank you for your kind wishes and comments about my blog anniversary. 73 blog friend had participated on my giveaway!!!
I would love to let you win all:-)

Well, today I draw the winner from my blog anniversary giveaway

I used the random number generator at


The winner is........


  Number 34

  Alison (http://alisonbomber.blogspot.de/)

Congrats dear Alison! 

I am so happy with you!
Please email me your address.


25 Januar 2014

Altered Steampunk Book and a postcard

I needed a birthday gift for a dear forum-colleague. On this occasion I made this altered book and the card!
Ich brauchte dringend ein Geburtstagsgeschenk für eine liebe Forum-Kollegin. Zu diesem Anlass habe ich dieses altered Book und die Karte gemacht!