07 Februar 2015

Another Birthday Surprise

Another birthday present arrived today. My dear blogfriend Lynne (https://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/) sent me this wonderful canvas "You are strong," a great card and a box filled with many goodies. Isn`t that great? Thank you very much my friend. You have made me happy and I will keep your art with honor.


01 Februar 2015

Birthday gifts and condolences mail

To the death of my dear Mum, I've gotten quite wonderful gifts.  
Also, for my birthday I got quite great gifts from lovely Blogfriends. 
From my dear friend Dorthe (http://denlillelade.blogspot.de/) I got this adorable fabric heart. Look, how wonderful the heart is made. With great attention to detail. Also, my favorite color is green. Even Dorthe sent me this awesome card with stamps of Catherine Moore. And another card with a lovely heart and beautiful lace. Thank you so much, Dorthe! You've given me a great pleasure.

From dear and talented Manuela Buisset (http://vintagesavonette.blogspot.de/) I got this beautiful angel and a very fantastic card. The banner on the angel means "courage and confidence". Isn`t that beautiful? Thank you, dear Manu. I'm so, so happy about this gorgeous gifts.

My longtime blogfriend Rosie Schirrmeister (http://rosieskleinebastelwelt.blogspot.de/) has sent me and a huge packet with an ingenious Chunky ATC, a great Steampunk card, a steampunk book from coasters, two beautiful boxes filled with metal latches and metal feets and Charlotte Dolls by Tim Holtz. That's like winning the lottery, right? Thank you very much, my friend. I am overwhelmed:-)

My dear blog friend Marie Skrotzki (http://marie-lostbirdstudio.blogspot.de/) made this wonderful Heart Charm with resin and a very adorable card. I am a great admirer of Marie`s Solder art. Thank you, my friend. I was so happy about this stunning gifts.

From my former forum-colleague Gabriele Trey (http://lillibelles.blogspot.de/), I got this fantastic set. It consists a card, a tag and a small block. All the same design! Doesn`t this look fabulous? Thank you so much, dearest Gabi! I was very happy about this beautiful gifts.

.... and from my blogfriend and former forum-colleague Renate Schneider (http://renateskreativewelt.blogspot.de/) I got this gorgeous card and this great gift hanger. Thank you very much, Renate. Your gifts are really gorgeous:-)