16 Oktober 2011

VPI Yahoo Group WTA - "Winner takes all"

At VPI Yahoo Groups WTA (Winner Takes All =) I won the draw for the month October. Any player who has signed up must send an ATC to the winner. The first three that I've gotten, I've already shown you. Now I've got three new ATC by   
Liz (http://www.lizziesartattack.com/),  
Lynn (http://trashtotreasureart.blogspot.com/) and  
Terri (http://pixelsandpaste.blogspot.com/).
Aren`t these fabulous? Thank you so much, ladies. You have made ​​me happy!


  1. You lucky girl, another bunch of great ATCs.

  2. Congratulations Martina and these ATC's are fab. x

  3. These cards are beautiful! This is the first time I played and I'm so glad you won!

  4. Such a lucky gal you are! The biggest WTA I think weve ever had! Isn't it fun to receive these wonderful works of art in your mailbox! Enjoy all your ATC's Martina!
    hugs Lynn

  5. They're all wonderful Martina. Enjoy your month in the spotlight! ((HUGS)) Kris

  6. Fantastic work again my friend, I'm really enjoying my visit here looking at all the wonderful eyecandy you've been creating since my last visit :) You are truely such an inspiration my dear!!!
    take care,
    hugs and smiles,