23 Oktober 2011

VPI Yahoo Group WTA - "Winner takes all"

At VPI Yahoo Groups WTA (Winner Takes All =) I won the draw for the month October. Any player who has signed up must send an ATC to the winner. The first ATC`s  that I've gotten, I've already shown you. Now I've got two new ATC by  

Laura Carson (http://artfullymusing.blogspot.com/)  above
Becky Loyall (http://whymsicalmusings.blogspot.com/) below

Thank you both! They are really great and I was very happy!


  1. Oh..sind die aber schön.....die Hexe finde ich besonders reizvoll. Du Glückspilz...und einen schönen Start in die Woche, liebe Martina (:o)

  2. Congratulations Martina. What fun! Happy Haunting...

  3. Congratulations Martina and what a lovely ATC's you've got. Wonderful creations! Hugs, Marianne

  4. Sally Bowls goes Halloween. Die Dame mit der markanten Wimperntusche ist der Hit!

  5. Martina you must be having so much fun checking the mailbox each day! Awesome treats!
    hugs Lynn

  6. these are adorable! awesome mail art to receive!