02 November 2009

Today I received a package from Patty.

A gorgeous postcard from Vancouver, and many magical " Goodies"" !

Thank you dear Patty. I was very happy about that. Jipppie!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Martina :) left a message at your previous post to say you won 1st price at my giveaway :) So the 'world traveller' is yours, if you mail me your address. my email is liveart_now@hotmail.com

    Big hug from Linda

  2. Na wenn das keine tolle Post ist.
    Ja ja so ist Patty, ich kenne ihen tollen Umschläge gefüllt auch.

  3. Wonderful work. You combined the images so well together.

  4. Hi Martina, it should be the correct address but I haven't received any message from you. please try again :) liveart_now@hotmail.com

    Thanks, Linda

  5. beautiful art and wonderful ephemera! I can't read the font on your page but love what your shared! :)

  6. Hello Dear Martina ~ I am so happy you like the goodies I sent along with my Vancouver postcard. It is a wonderful city! Katrin's travel swaps are a lot of fun!